About the Artist:

Hello, My name is Tania (shortened from Tatiana) and I live at the crossroads of the Great Lakes in Prince Township outside of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. My inspiration is found here, and I use alcohol ink to convey my love of the region's shorelines, woods, and wildlife. The ink is wild and vibrant, and these qualities allow for beautiful and interesting effects. I use brushes to create rivers and lakes of saturated colour in my paintings - and I think the result can look like stained glass. I do enjoy the control when using ink this way but at the same time, permitting the ink to flow in its serendipitous way is the real magic of using ink. I enjoy both approaches, but balancing the two is most satisfying to my eye. The ink landscapes are pure nostalgia - reminders of wondrous places in time, camping through summers on the shore of Lake Huron or exploring with family and friends around mighty Lake Superior. I like to work on a few projects at a time and alternate the evenings I work on them. I will spend some time on a landscape one evening and then paint frogs and dragonflies the next. Before ink captured my imagination, I painted with gouache for many years - the paintings are whimsical fun in delicate detail. There are only a few of these in my shop, and they are the fluffy bees in a clover field, a poppy field, a strawberry farm and a dreamy field of white flowers. I like to break out the gouache now and then to practice the fine detail, and I’m always thrilled when it turns out!I am truly grateful and inspired by the connections I make with people talking about the art and what draws them to a particular painting. I have learned that people who love the shorelines share a strong connection to the land. The feeling of familiarity and the memories of our experience stay with us even when we are far from those magical shores. We can close our eyes and know what it feels like to wake up at camp to hear the waves lapping the shore and smell the wild blueberry pancakes and fresh coffee prepared by the fire, and the sound of loons over the lake. It's comforting to know that we are kindred spirits. Please chat with me about the art if you have time, as I love to hear your impressions and answer any questions you may have.

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